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Arm Corsa

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Vespa VNB 1966

Vespa Motor

Vespa Motor


Vespa Motor Scooter, One of the best scooters in the market





Vespa Motor Scooters

Vespa Motor Scooter

Vespa Motor Scooter

Executive summary about Vespa Motor Cars by Rob Buenaventura.

One of the oldest names in the scooter industry is the Vespa motor scooter. There are numerous models of Vespa motor scooters ranging in size from 50cc to 200cc.

One of the scooters has a 200cc engine and is considered one of the fastest, most powerful Vespa scooters ever made. With the larger, more powerful engine, the Vespa motor scooter is very quietly and emits extremely low levels of pollution.

On some scooters there is 12 inch wheel equipped with both front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. Vespa scooters have been recognized for their painted, pressed steel unibody from their original release. With all of that the Vespa motor scooter remains endearing as well as durable.

Globally successful, the Vespa motor scooter has enjoyed a noteworthy popularity and has become a symbol of stylish personal transportation. Vespa scooters that can achieve speeds between 40 mph and 100 mph get fuel economy as good as 70 mpg.

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